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Friday, 5 August 2011

Our quarterly shop re-style

As many of you will know, every three months we reorganise the store and introduce new stock, in bulk. This allows us to dress all of the rooms in a coherent style after hashing and re-hashing when key pieces are sold. There are only so many times one can shuffle items around to fill holes, before the overall look ceases to make sense. At this time of year we also introduce new items purchased at trade fairs in the south of France in July.
This week from 1st August, the team and a few big strong lads completely reorganised the store. We think it was worth all the hard labour.

Above: In the front of the shop we have a white and bleached wood look, giving a fresh light feeling

Above:  We also have a section which is predominantly stone in the second room at the front of the shop

 Below:  Showroom 2 sports a garden theme


   Below:  In showroom 3 the look is mainly bleached woods and light fabrics contrasted with polished oak and dark leather

Below: We have this great pair of consoles in the ground floor mezzanine

Below: On our mezzanine we have moved to a more traditional look with dark mahogany to compliment the painted furniture

The warehouse showroom
Here we have indulged ourselves a little with a school theme to show off the school desks covered in graffiti. 

In the warehouse showroom we also have a fine selection of industrial items for a more edgy look. The food storage cans make great lanterns.

Hope you like the pictures. If there is anything here that interests you, please contact us at 

or call the store on 0044 (0) 1323 897777

individual items can be seen on our web site

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Homes and Gardens September issue

Last year we decided to redesign our home and were lucky enough to have it photographed by Homes and Gardens. The article is featured in the September edition and to our delight we also made the front cover.  

I have attached the pictures for those of you who don’t subscribe to the magazine.
Paul and Martin -  Martin D. Johnson Antiques Ltd

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Yes, but is it art ????

On a recent buying trip to a UK fair we found what can only be described as school desks covered in graffiti. My initial reaction was 'has the world gone mad?' but on reflection and following a discussion with the seller of these desecrated tools of education, I changed my mind. Apparently the desks were from a school where the progressive headmaster encouraged graffiti in a controlled environment. Students, who needed to express themselves artistically, were urged to do so on the desks and not on the walls. What a brilliant way to manage one aspect of teenage rebellion. Just think of the passion and angst that went into every scribble.  Enough, I am sure, to give even Banksy a run for his money.